Parasailing FAQ

Is it safe?

Yes! Parasailing accidents are very rare in the United States. Our captains and crew are highly experienced and incident free!

CAN we ride together?

Yes! We can accommodate one, two, or three fliers at a time. 

Can I go on the trip as just a passenger?

Yes! If you want to join your party but stay at sea-level, you're more than welcome! We charge $25 for ride-along passengers.

Is there a size or weight limit?

Our parasail system is equipped to handle up to 450 pounds per flight. However, we do not fly children under 5 years old (they are more than welcome to come along as passengers).

Do we need a reservation?

Not all the time, but if you know you want to go, it's best to make a reservation. If we have to cancel due to weather, we will issue you a full refund.

How long is the whole boat ride

Each flier is in the air for just under 15 minutes. We take up to 6 people at a time, and you can expect the ride to last one hour or less if the boat is not full.

Do you need experience to parasail?

Absolutely not! 

Ready to fly?